The Groovy Guy Show                    Lancelot the Bald                      

"Wonderful" - Penn Jillette

A fabulous juggler, Guy walks on ropes, rides unicycles, and makes mischievous magic.  

Catch his performance at Expositions, Fairs, Festivals, Resorts, Ships, Schools and on Street.

More Videos to be seen at "The Groovy Guy Show" on YouTube 

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Inside, Outside, Onstage and Strolling 

Whatever your venue Guy Collins has entertainment for you. From flashy stage shows for hundreds, to one on one tricks for private parties. Heads turn when Guy is roving through the crowds on top of his unicycle or whilst juggling flashing LED clubs after dark.  And, being an acclaimed street performer, he will fill your open spaces with joyful, cheering people.

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Lessons and workshops

There is also a link to Education, if you or your group would like to learn to juggle, unicycle or walk on a slack rope.